Jade Forest School of Herbology is a distance-learning school of clinical herbalism featuring both traditional Chinese and western herbal sciences. Our Clinical Herbology Program is designed specifically for those wanting to work with medicinal herbs in the field of human health and wellness.

Students are trained in human health and disease as outlined in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as modern anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.

The program emphasizes a holistic approach to health and wellness through a deep understanding of over 200 herbs, health assessment techniques, herbal medicine-making, nutrition, herbal formulation, basic botany, clinical practice management, herbal dispensary management, and much more.

Spanning 36 months, the program consists of two years of interactive study and one year mentored clinical work. Jade Forest School of Herbology is non-accredited and competency-based. A Certificate of Clinical Herbology is awarded upon graduation. We offer affordable tuition that can be paid in monthly installments.

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Students based in Montana, or willing to relocate to Montana, may choose to apply for an apprenticeship with instructors Jim and Stephanie Nymeyer. Only a limited number spots are available for this program. In addition to the Jade Forest School of Herbology didactic requirements, apprentices will be expected to commit an additional 2 hours per week for hands on training and projects at Jade Forest Wellness / Jade Forest Botanicals in Billings, Montana, USA. Interested parties may ask an instructor for application details.