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Let's discuss a better wellness plan for you:

We commit to educate our clients on botanical, dietary and lifestyle solutions aimed at addressing both acute and chronic health imbalances. Herbal consultations consist of…

  • Patient and kind care. We take time to listen to you!
  • A holistic assessment of current health complaints, in a non-rushed setting.
  • Traditional Chinese pulse and tongue analysis. This is a simple and non-invasive way to help us formulate herbs more accurately for you.
  • Formulation of herbal blends customized to your needs.
  • Personalized diet and lifestyle strategies.

Brief Consultation


These sessions are ideal for acute imbalances and seasonal complaints–or when you just need a little advice from the herbalist.

60 Minutes

Comprehensive Herbal Consultation


This comprehensive 2-part session is ideal for long-term, chronic health issues. We take a deep look into your health history and current complaints. We will identify the patterns of imbalance in accordance with tradition Asian healing systems and develop a long-term herbal, dietary and lifestyle strategy to help you bring your body and mind back into balance.

Includes 2 hours of session time, plus 1 hour research and custom formulation.

180 Minutes



Communication between clients and their herbalists is important for achieving goals. Follow-up sessions involve assessing improvements and changes, answering questions, and addressing newly arising needs. Since the mindbody complex is an ever-changing landscape, these sessions play an important role in determining the possible need for adjustments to herbal or dietary strategies. 

60 minutes

Free 15 Minute Introductory Consultation

Are you wondering if herbs are right for you? Do you want to find out what to expect from a full session with an herbalist? This 15 minute introductory consultation gives you an opportunity to share your health goals and clarify your questions with one of our professional herbalists.

Call to schedule a FREE 15-minute introductory consultation with one of our professional herbalists. In this short session, you will have an opportunity to share a little about your health goals, and the herbalist will share with you an overview of the possibilities that herbs may offer in achieving those goals. 

(406) 697-5553

Frequently asked questions

Traditional Chinese herbal sciences refer to the non-medical utilization of an entire system of health analysis known as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). TCM dates back over 3500 years (Chen and Chen, 1989).

The principles of TCM  help herbalists determine which plants will be the best fit for a particular person’s health presentation. Providing a detailed, process-based approach, traditional Chinese herbal sciences comprise a lens through which to view our health imbalances holistically.

Chinese herbalists may perform a visual inspection of the tongue surface, along with a detailed survey of the radial (wrist) pulse qualities. This can provide a great deal of information on the patterns of imbalance that may be presenting in the body.

Tongue and pulse analysis illuminate valuable clues as to how individuals can work most effectively with herbal supplementation and dietary strategies.

Interestingly, descriptions of tongue analysis can be found on inscriptions on Chinese artifacts dating as far back as 1500 B.C. (Chen and Chen, 1989).

Absolutely not. Our assessment services are independent of our dispensing services. Our consultation services  will arm you with a customized herbal strategy—including recommended amounts of the recommended botanicals. From there you can choose if, when, and where to purchase your herbs, and in what amounts you want to take them.

Jade Forest Wellness encourages open communication between conventional healthcare practitioners and alternative healthcare consultants.

With our clients express permission, our herbalists will gladly communicate with healthcare practitioners or pharmacists about their herbal, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations. We encourage clients to communicate with their healthcare professionals before taking any new health supplements.

Tangs (Decoctions)

One of our most popular methods is a tang, which is an herbal decoction (strong tea) which is cooked once per week and kept in the fridge. A specific amount is taken each day. Tangs are a very efficient and cost-effective way to partake of herbal formulas. Those with sensitive pallets may be challenged by some of the exotic tastes—however most people grow to appreciate the unique flavors of their herbs after just a few days. Herbs for tangs are dispensed in a convenient packet, which includes all needed instructions, in order to make the process of cooking easy.

Instant Tea (Extract Powders)

Another popular method is an instant tea. This method involves mixing herbal extract powders or granules into hot water and drinking daily. As with the aforementioned tangs, instant tea is very efficient and cost-effective. It is important to note, though, that not all herbs are available in this form. Ask one of our herbalists for more details.

Teapills, Pills, Capsules and Tablets

Many of the traditional Chinese  formulas are available as pills, capsules, or tablets. These can be very convenient in our busy, modern world.  It should be noted that they can be more expensive than tangs and instant teas, and a person can end up having to take a large amount to get a desired effect. That said, there are hundreds of herbs and formulas are available in this form. For those interested in having a custom formula made into pills or capsules, Jade Forest Wellness does offer these services. Prices vary by project, so please call for an estimate.


Depending on the formula or herb, tinctures are also very popular and effective. A tincture is an alcohol or glycerine extract of a botanical. Tinctures are very convenient, and the amount taken is typically so small that the taste impact is often considered nominal. Depending on the plant, herbs can be very effective in this form. Certain plants, however, require the ability to ingest greater amounts than a tincture can realistically provide. Those who must avoid alcohol should limit themselves to glycerine-based tinctures. Glycerine is a syrupy, sweet liquid derived from plants. Glycerine makes an excellent vehicle for giving herbs to children.

And Much More

We also formulate and craft liniments, oil blends, salves, and more.

Jade Forest Wellness provides many different tools, in many different forms, to suit individual needs.

Reference: Chen, T. and Chen, M. (1989). The essence and scientific background of tongue diagnosis. Long Beach, Calif.: Oriental Healing Arts Institute.